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  Guangzhou planing Dog Pet Products Co., Ltd., is a high-end dog shoes as the main products of pet supplies company. With the rise of pet culture, pet products increasingly strong demand, which is included in the dog shoes. Dog culture approval and eager to give dogs the best care based on Guangzhou City planing dog pet Co. Ltd. became the brand shoes DJJ DJJ shoes China general agent, with its comfortable off, shoes quality trait in the dog circles of word of mouth, and under the promotion of DJJ series quality the dog shoes, bring better products and products for dogs the best experience for dog lovers, has become the company's purpose. In addition to the DJJ series, the company's other two series PETYANG and FOKWOW, the price is popular, but the quality is still guaranteed to meet the needs of the consumer at all levels of the crowd!

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PK10   The company's dog shoes brand includes DJJ, PETYANG and FOKWOW three series brands.

  Each line has its own independent characteristics, price level respectively with three levels of low-end high school distinction, have their own audiences in pets in.

  The price level distinction does not hinder our pursuit of product quality, each series of products in its own product design, quality pursuit, do the best. Different from the current features of all dogs shoes on the market of our products is wearing off, wear comfortable size!, we set the size of 30# to 110#, covering the dog feet minimum to maximum demand. The size of the shoes we mean the dog leg length, such as 30# refers to the 30 mm long dog wearing the number, the small size of dog shoes currently in Chinese market is still blank, this also reflects our constant pursuit of innovation and pioneering spirit, to meet customer demand concept. The invention of the product also completely subverts the design of traditional dog shoes and solves the problem of easy falling off and uncomfortable

Latest information

In 2016, at the pet show, DJJ was on stage at the show!

Still hot in August, ushered in the same hot DJJ orders boom!

The DJJ brand is the main exhibition hall, a new product launch, the business of our products enthusiasm has been unable to stop, all businesses fall over each other have to order!

Let's review the fiery scene and feel the enthusiasm of the merchants at the scene

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